The Danube music festival on a ship is an original idea of the Film director Zlatina Rousseva who built through several movies a very special and emotional relationship with nomad music and these musicians who keep the soul and the traditions of the people around Danube.

“Music deals with people's deepest roots and identity. People moved in both directions alonside the Danube and so did the music, people suffered and enjoyed huge celebrations and music keeps the emotional records of all these."

Music as a living Memory of Europe explores the relationship between its peoples and their exchanges through music. Music not only retains the identity of peoples but is also influenced by their suffering throughout their historical journey. Offering a mix of epic poetry and people’s histories of fallen empires, music acts as a « living museum » and a rich source of cultural history. Against the rapid change induced by globalization, the preservation and transmission of this music is a matter of urgency. Many of the musicians participating in the project dedicated many years in researches and conservation of the best musical traditions of their countries. Among the 68 musicians who participate in the main creative events, we have Theodossii Spassov (Bulgaria) one of the best European flute players, Alan Bern and the Other Europeans (one of the most interesting bands exploring the klezmer and gipsy traditions), Misirli Ahmet (Turkey), one of the best darbuka players from the East and Mediterranean basin, Mihaly Dresch (Hungary) and his Quartet one of the most original jazz players of Eastern Europe, Svetlana Spajic (interresting voice and famous researcher of the Balkans), Ferus Mustafov (Macédonia), the king of the gypsy orchestras, Carlos Nuñez (Spain) and many other great musicians.
During two weeks the ship is transformed in European laboratory for collaborative project on the preservation of Balkan’s and Danube’s musical traditions. Musicologists, who have devoted their life and research to these traditions, address these issues in various seminars at the Festival.
On the lead up to the Festival, was organized a competition, « Music and Memory », open to young people from the 27 European countries born after the 1st of March 1980, so as to entice their perception of the most original European traditions.


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